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Create an image poll and get feedback from your friends and peers

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Create an image poll

Pollstroll is a tool that lets you create an image poll or make a photo contest.

Pick a few photos, upload them, name your poll, and share it on Facebook, Twitter or anywhere you want.

Get feedback

Are you a designer and you want to “test” different variations of a design on your target audience? Are you going to a party and can’t decide which dress to wear? Or do you want to create a simple photo contest?

Create an image poll with Pollstroll, share it, and get instant feedback from friends and peers.

Make a decision

Once you have shared your poll and you're waiting for the results, you can help other Pollstroll users by answering their polls.

Before you know it, you’ll have a result, and you can make a decision based on the feedback you’ve received.

It’s fast, easy, and fun.